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Robert's Home

Welcome to my forest home!


Rest by the waterfall, then come down to the cabin, and see my Art Gallery! 

I hope you enjoy the paintings...


Welcome and thank you for visiting my gallery. I have collected paintings and poems that I hope to include in the near future.

I would love to hear any recommendations or suggestions that you may have for my paintings, so feel free to email me at any time.

Please enjoy your stay, thanks for visiting! 

The pictures on this page were done most recently (2000-2003)

a mysterious green forest by a lake - a golden woman walks alone in the shadows

a lone lighthouse stands at the end a the pier at dusk, a turquoise shimmer leading out across the water

a forest brook, rapids falling across mossy green rocks and forgotten stones

a goblet of water, a naked willow stem poking up from the depths, content on the window sill

sunset1 - SOLD - tall dark pines against the dusky sky, their trunks black against a sea of azure, gold and dark green

japanese garden, winding path across the lilly pond bridge, the autumn leaves bright red amid the forest

Way Out in Texas, a little house on a bluff, below a huge spreading oak and the limitless blue clouded sky

Garden Fantasy 2002 - a white gazebo, set among a fantastic forest of shadows and shades that have no nationality

stone bridge over a rushing river, the autumn leaves lying gold against the black wet rocks

forest 2003, a stylized arrangement of trees clumped against a vanilla hill, facing a steep turn in the road.. or is that a narrow band of water?

Goldfish rising to the surface of the water, gathered around for a few morsels, their graceful fins brushing the surface in concentric circles

dolphins jumping in the water, symbols of shining play over the green foam of the dancing ocean

Bridge 3


Fall Scene
The Gathering

Temple 2003

Trees - 2003- SOLD
Vale 2003 Wave 2003 - SOLD Marks Cactus (sold)
sunrise 2003 campfire_2003 river bank 2003
Sonia's favorite (SOLD) Forest scene 2002 Autumn Scene 2003
Boats 2003 shoreline 2004 Snowboat 2004
The Path Arkansas Trails walking in the woods.jpg (98582 bytes)
The Tree 2007 Fall Trees sunset
Blue Jay 2007 coming soon coming soon


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